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September 12, 2014 8:00am - 4:00pm

About Us

Community Partners in Care (CPIC) is a collaborative research project of community and academic partners working together to learn the best way to reduce the burden that depression places on our communities and other vulnerable populations. We work in the communities of South Los Angeles (SPA 6) and Hollywood-Metro LA (SPA 4).

CPIC was developed out of five years of collaborative work on how to address depression in our communities, on many years of prior research on how to improve depression care in primary care settings, and on extensive efforts to address health disparities through community-partnered initiatives.

CPIC asks the question of whether agencies and communities working together through a community engagement process is a better way of improving depression services and client outcomes than agencies working alone.

Specifically, CPIC compares two approaches to support services agencies in our communities—Community Engagement and Planning (CEP) and Resources for services (RS). First we will compare these two approaches in a research phase using a randomized design. This means that some agencies will participate in a Community Engagement and Planning process while other agencies will receive resources to provide depression-related services such as outreach, case management, and treatment. In this phase we will learn what strategies work best to deliver depression services and improve outcomes for clients.

The research phase will be followed by a dissemination phase where we will share the results with the community and we will apply the lessons learned from the research phase by jointly offering workshops and sharing the most effective strategies with the community at large.

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